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I’m Frances Middleton.

For the past twenty years I have run my own consulting business while working as a business coach, a psychotherapist and a supervisor.

Before that, as a young vice-president at JP Morgan, I managed a multi-national group of professionals of more than 30-strong across seven countries. I have nurtured my family, lived in the Middle East, I am a trustee for an urban young people’s charity, I help support homeless refugees and every year, whenever possible, I go to Glastonbury.

I sometimes ask my clients to write, in chronological order, the key moments and decisions in their lives that have shaped who they are today and I want to do that here. 

I’ve had what many would consider a stellar career. I've also had serious challenges, including academic struggles as a young person and emotional burnout as an adult. All have helped inform my work.

What has been a constant—and a constant source of excitement and inspiration—is the curiosity I have about people and what makes them tick and which drew me powerfully to my first career in Human Resources.

Explore the website to learn more about my work, see the results I’ve achieved and read the words of those I’ve helped—through a new awareness of choices that can be made and owned—to realise their potential and accomplish their goals.

What I Offer

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