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Susan, Managing Director 

"Fran was recommended by a banking colleague from the sales team at HSBC.  Compared to other coaches, Fran understood financial services, was well-networked and could clearly get to the heart of the matter without laborious explanations on my part.  I didn’t need to start with the basics.  

"Fran reminded me of the values I brought to my work and encouraged me to share more of myself in the workplace.  As a female executive and one who looks younger than my years, I’d relied on a slightly formal interactive style with colleagues.  Changing that and allowing my team to see more of me—the questions I had—made me a better leader.  I had more authentic conversations with my colleagues on the work we were doing and reduced my sense of sole responsibility and risk, which was significant. The annual feedback from my team reflected the positive work I’d done with Fran.  

"Fran is warm and supportive, but no pushover. She asks thoughtful questions and wants you to succeed.  It was a pleasure to work with her."

Robin, Board Member and Advisor

"I recently worked with Fran for just over a year and can recommend her wholeheartedly. She was very highly recommended to me by one of the giants of the psychotherapy community in the UK and I chose to work with her because of the warmth and empathy that were evident from our first meeting.

"We worked on issues related to my feelings about my childhood, my upbringing and my early adult life as well as my uncertainty about what the future holds for a late middle aged "achiever". Our work was an important component of an ongoing process of self-understanding."

Manale, Management Consultant Partner 

"Fran has been my coach and mentor since 2018. Since then, she has been vital in helping me understand the uniqueness of my strengths, trust my vision and act on it despite the consuming management consultant lifestyle that I have.

"Fran is bold. In her unique way, she appeals to my intellect, enables me to understand my feelings and trust my gut. In fact, every other week, she asks me questions that challenge my vision of who I want to be and allows me to find tools and techniques that define how to achieve that.

"Fran is reliable. She brings her calm and robustness to every conversation. As a matter of fact, whether we are discussing my long game or how to navigate complex situations, she helps me remain poised and strategic and build resilience for the future.

"Fran is subtle. She sneaks up on you. Somehow, you realise that she has gently pushed you to attain goals that not long ago were just dreams. Suddenly, you realise that she has been there all the way in many, if not all, of the strategic and influential decisions of your life.

"Fran is the one to go to if you want to take a chance on yourself. I am glad I work with her and would recommend her to anyone who aspires to embark on a transformational journey."

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