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The path to coaching can begin either from the needs of an individual in an organisation or from an organisation looking to coaching to maximise their resource for the institution’s good. 


Questions I am likely to ask potential clients  include whether they feel stuck and if there are new challenges they or their organisation face or obstacles to their continuing success.


Recent studies confirm my own research: robust dialogue—examining the practical and emotional issues that are getting in the way of achieving more—can stimulate creative thinking and enhance personal effectiveness and performance, leading to long-term change. 


A coaching relationship can help quickly identify the root causes of problems that may not otherwise be clear.


Having worked with a client to identify the real issues, my role is to provide support—and ongoing challenge—as they plan and execute strategies for success.


How do I do this? My approach is to build trust and respect: relationship is at the heart of my work. In a calm, open environment of “creative discomfort”, constructive interpersonal dialogue cuts through corporate speak which will then allow the client to absorb feedback from peers, digest difficult messages and understand the realities of the leadership challenge. 

This focus encourages individuals to go on to rediscover personal strengths and resources, test out creative solutions and develop practical action plans for success.

My coaching has helped executives clarify their business vision and goals and inspired teams to broaden their influencing skills and deliver increased revenues, leading to stronger stakeholder relationships. 

Some of my clients have transitioned successfully into new roles and cultures, while others have taken difficult decisions and pursued new career paths.

Areas of Expertise 


  • Senior executive coaching

  • Leadership effectiveness

  • Transition coaching

  • Career coaching

  • Board/team effectiveness 

  • Working with uncertainty

  • Using conflict creatively

Team Development

  • New leader transition

  • Defining culture and values

  • Clarification of goals and implementation plans

  • Working in ecosystems


I have worked with clients from

  • Financial services

  • Professional services

  • Technology

  • The voluntary sector

FAQ Coaching here


"Fran has coached and mentored me for ten years. Fran was instrumental in helping me to remain rational and calm in very stressful circumstances as a founder of a successful consulting start-up. Talking through different scenarios with Fran, before and after the fact, created options for me to think clearly and unemotionally under stress. Fran is both intellectually and emotionally intelligent. Her calm professional demeanour veils a fun side to her personality which she uses to defuse crisis and conflict. I highly recommend her."

Ian, Retired Technology Entrepreneur 

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