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My clients often ask me at the beginning of our time together if they are OK and, often, their sense of that is profoundly influenced either by close relationships or wider society.

But since there is no such thing as normal, there is no OK. So then the focus is on the client’s definition and what that means. It’s theirs to decide, not mine to impose.


Or they might come with a solution or carrying a label already in place. Or they bring a very specific notion of an issue then go on to say: “Have you dealt with anyone else like me?”.  

As James Baldwin once wrote: “You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world...” but none of us is alone in our feelings.  


My work is rooted in my groundedness, my awareness of what it’s like to be a human and have "stuff" on your mind which can be confusing, unstructured, unhelpful, contradictory, which can bring you a dilemma. 

But that “stuff” can also bring the positives of excitement and laughter and fun, of course. It’s when it’s all happening at the same time that we can feel unsafe, insecure, out of control and anxious.


I see a distinction between silence and space in my work. Space, because we so often don't allow it for ourselves, or we fill it with our “stuff” or we wait for others to invite us to talk.  So I use space to invite the other to reflect and to speak. 

I also bring silence, open and short questions which are the questions that need to be asked, judgement which goes both to my gut and my experience, empathy and a deep, focused accompaniment.

Sessions may include and explore life experiences such as

  • Depression 

  • Anxiety

  • Loss of purpose

  • Stress 

  • Relationship and/or family issues

  • Identity 

  • Sexuality 


Which may be triggered by 

  • Bereavement

  • Addiction

  • Illness  

  • Broken relationships 

  • Loss of work 

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"Working with Fran had a profound and positive impact on my life. With her thoughtful, caring and empathetic attention we were able to unpick some deep-rooted trauma, helping me to move forward with a new sense of freedom. I have developed a deeper understanding of myself and what I want out of life through my sessions with Fran.”


Ruth, Psychotherapist 

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